Brand Introduction

As an independent, expert, integrated manufacturer of high-end, whole-home storage systems, 
BASISTEM provides home organization solutions to customers who care about their quality of life. 
Our products include whole-home organizers and storage systems, creative components and functional hardware.

The name “BASISTEM” is a portmanteau of “Bass” , describing tone, and “System” .
The name suggests systematic design and low-key, unfading luxury.

BASISTEM upholds a spirit of relying on a pure, 
natural mindset to create exceptional quality products, 
the principles of ordered living to bring our customers low-key, unfading luxury and the creative vision of 
using simplicity to drive off complexity, bringing tidy, ordered beauty into each home.

All beauty comes from order. 
By casting off complications and by respecting the order of nature and the needs of our customers, 
BASISTEM melds the inherent vitality of basic materials into design and production; through the craft and medium, 
we imbue our products with art, function and vigor.

Inspired by order in nature, 
BASISTEM brings fresh products, environments and experiences to the lives of customers. We deliver respect, freedom, appreciation and satisfaction. 

On the path of excellence in creation, our aim is to bring progress and transformative change.

The simple appearance of our products veils a singular, lasting ideal. All of BASISTEM’s products reflect our pursuit of “all to the utmost quality” and our commitment to the utmost in extraordinary design, genuine materials, exquisite quality and meticulous functionality. 
We merge art and function to craft bespoke-level products and solutions.

BASISTEM insists upon using simple structures to deliver multiple, overlapping functions. 
We use subtractive design to bring our vision of simple abundance into each home. By using “minimalist abundance” to design seamless product sets and solutions, we maximize our users living space and sense of unrestricted freedom of choice in their homes.