BASISTEM selects designs globally and insists on “openness” as a design principle. By drawing from
a broad range of home design philosophies and working together with renowned designers across the globe,
we aim to bring products with lasting vitality to every discerning household.

All of our designs draw upon a spirit of “creativity without boundaries.”
BASISTEM maintains commitment to the pure idea that “design is only concerned with design.”
We employ this creativity without boundaries to distill the needs of our users, select materials reflecting nature’s
bounty and deliver products mirroring the wisdom of all creation.

All design is a reflection of "nature". BASISTEM insists that each detail of its designs has a connection to nature.
We use natural materials and colors and ensure that their inherent properties survive production processes.
By producing exquisite products with a “natural heart,” we work together with our users to fulfill our responsibility to the planet.

BASISTEM ensures the combination of simple form and abundant functionality through "subtractive design".
We insist on using simple form to deliver overlapping functions. By using “minimalist abundance” to design seamless product sets and solutions,
we maximize our users living space and sense of unrestricted freedom of choice in their homes.

Starting with the foundation of functionality, BASISTEM maximizes our products sense of “decorative beauty.”
We ceaselessly emphasize the aesthetic value of our products in addition to their practicality.
In order to provide beautiful, functional products that match their environment, we pay great attention to
delivering a unique school of artistic design to each household.