Love is the enduring theme of BASISTEM’s work

Our creative freedom is rooted in total admiration and respect for nature, listening to the voices of creation
and observing the interconnectedness of all things.
Our mission is to repay the planet and use creativity to build lasting harmony with Mother Earth.

Creativity is the wellspring of BASISTEM’s vitality

We use the joy of creation to bring progress and transformative change to the world.
We aim to enrich the dimensions of life, vitalize the passing of time, and help our customers to experience life’s most exquisite beauty.

Beauty is BASISTEM’s lasting pursuit

Inspired by order in nature, BASISTEM brings fresh environments and experiences to the lives of customs.
We deliver respect, freedom, appreciation and satisfaction.
We aim to bring out the inner warmth and exquisite beauty of each and every life.

Nature is the source of BASISTEM’s spirit

We craft exquisite goods not only out of respect for order in nature, but also by adopting a “natural” mindset of unaffected simplicity.
We aim to merge the vitality of nature into beautyful life.

Freedom is BASISTEM's character

Through a lifestyle aesthetic of “free abundance” by using subtractive design to realize our ideal of “condensed abundance,”
we aim to bring unfettered freedom into our users’ homes.

Serenity is BASISTEM’s lifestyle

By crafting exquisite products and a transcendent living space and by rousing the inherent vitality of the home,
we aim to bring users an experience of matchless ease.