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BASISTEM | All are One

All things live as one, one lives for all things

BASISTEM respects living creatures and cares for the interconnectedness of all things. We respect the planet, love the environment and seamlessly integrate nature into our production processes. We swear to fulfill our mission to the planet by providing mature, useful and eco-friendly products that bring progress and transformative change while repaying our debt to Mother Earth.

BASISTEM | A Life of Ordered Beauty

All the world’s beauty comes from order.

BASISTEM casts aside unnecessarily complex ideas and relies on a pure, natural mindset to create exceptional quality products. We use our respect for nature, commitment to low-key, unfading luxury and spirit of using simplicity to drive off complexity to bring tidy, ordered beauty into each home.

BASISTEM | Perfection in Design

Top quality design and craftsmanship

BASISTEM is committed to embodying a spirit of “consummate attainment” in each of its products. We select the best, most creative and most unique global designs that seamlessly meld art and function while insisting on the top quality of design and craftsmanship. Through meticulous research on the best components and colors as well as rigorous demands on purity of materials and excellence of craft, we build thoroughly unique, bespoke-level products and solutions. BASISTEM aims to be the emblem of ideal home living.

Extraordinary Design | Genuine Materials | Exquisite Quality | Meticulous Functionality

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