Extraordinary Design —— Design is BASISTEM’s Soul

We only design products that we love and would buy.
We aim to cast aside unneeded complications and further our respect for our users.
We select designs that embody creativity and combine art and function to elevate our users’ needs to a higher aesthetic level.

Genuine Materials —— Nature is BASISTEM’s Spirit

We choose the finest materials to create natural, healthy,
and pure products. We use our deep respect for the
inherent qualities, patterns, colors and textures of our materials to deliver beautiful products that possess nature’s vitality.

Exquisite Quality —— Quality is BASISTEM’s Life

We make products with a bespoke level of craftsmanship.
We respect our designers’ reverence for nature and for
our users by embedding exquisite craftsmanship into our rigorous design and production processes.
Our goal is to use consummate craft to produce home treasures.

Fully Functionality ——Practicality is BASISTEM’s Heart

We deliver products with complete levels of functionality.
We emphasize that practicality is the heart of a product
without ignoring its appearance, meaning our products perfectly combine artistic design with practical function. 

We spare no effort in bringing progress and transformational change to our user’s living spaces.